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Step by Step RV Winterizing Checklist

Parking your RV for the winter requires preventive measures to prepare it for the following spring. Our easy-to-follow, printable, Step By Step RV Winterizing Checklist is the essential guide for RV owners in Alberta. Learn RV winterizing basics, such as, what temperature to winterize your RV and how much RV antifreeze is needed. What Temperature…

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What Are The Benefits Of A Travel Trailer You Absolutely Need to Know?

If you’re looking to purchase or use an RV, you may be asking yourself, what exactly is a travel trailer? And, what are the benefits of a travel trailer? Travel trailers are an incredibly popular RV type due to their many advantages, but in order to decide if a travel trailer is the right RV…

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The Ultimate Guide To Types Of RVs [2022]

If you’re new to the RVing world and thinking about purchasing an RV, you’re probably wondering what the different types of RVs are. There are several options for you to consider!  That’s why Grove RV put together this handy guide that outlines the numerous types of RVs. It will help you narrow down your options…

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Is it Better to Rent vs Buy an RV?

If you’re interested in the RV lifestyle and don’t have an RV yet, you’re probably asking yourself whether it’s better to rent vs buy an RV. Your decision to rent vs buy an RV will depend on a variety of factors. Some key considerations are: How often do you plan to use your RV?Do you…


Top 10 Family-Friendly RV Campgrounds in Alberta

Finding a family-friendly campsite can be difficult. You want to make sure that there will be plenty of hookups and safe campsites for your RV, lots of things to do for you and your kids, and access to non-camping amenities like medical care, grocery stores, etc. Here is our list of the top family friendly…

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Class A vs Class C Motorhome Safety: 5 Things to Consider

When buying a motorhome, you may be wondering if a Class A vs Class C motorhome is safer. Class A vs Class C motorhome safety is complex, as there are many factors that can impact which is safer. Motorhome safety is incredibly important, and although motorhomes are generally just as safe as other road vehicles,…

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How to Prevent Mold In RV During Storage

Preventing mold in an RV during storage is incredibly important, even in dryer climates like Alberta. How to prevent mold in an RV during storage is a multi-step process. Mold can grow whenever there is dampness or humidity and not enough air flow. That means that putting your RV in storage is putting it at…

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How To Keep RV Pipes From Freezing

Knowing how to keep RV pipes from freezing is an important part of winterizing your RV. We’ll detail some key ways to stop your RV pipes from freezing and how to reduce the risk of your pipes getting damaged. Properly preparing your RV for winter is an important part of owning an RV, especially when…

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How long can a motorhome be parked on the street in Alberta?

How long can a motorhome be parked on the street in Alberta? The City of Edmonton has a number of rules RV owners must follow when parking and storing their RVs. Knowing how to park and store your RV properly in Edmonton can not only save you a considerable amount of hassle and potential fines,…

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