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Best Travel Trailers to Buy in 2024

Choosing the right lightweight travel trailer sets the stage for unforgettable journeys filled with freedom and adventure. But with numerous brands vying for your attention, knowing where to start can be daunting. In this guide, we’ll help streamline your search by highlighting the top brands for 2024 and key considerations to ensure your travels are seamless and enjoyable.

How much should I spend on a travel trailer?

Deciding on the right travel trailer isn’t just about finding the top-of-the-line picks; it’s about embracing a lifestyle. On average, base travel trailer models can range from $12,000 to $50,000, while mid-level travel trailers can go for $25,000 to $60,000. The price can fluctuate depending on the finishing and tech upgrades. Other factors that can influence the cost of a travel trailer will also depend on what you are looking to get out of it, your budget, and the ultimate usage. Consider factors such as:

  • Type and Size: Standard trailers, ranging from $20,000 to $50,000, are towable behind SUVs or trucks. Fifth-wheel trailers, larger and pricier ($30,000 to $100,000), will require a pickup truck. As you search, understand what your truck or SUV can manage without upgrading your vehicle.
  • Age and Condition: New units lose 5-10% of value off the lot, but opting for used can save you thousands, and a qualified travel trailer dealer in Edmonton can help you find quality used travel trailers.
  • Market Trends: Prices may fluctuate based on market demand and supply and the time of year you are starting your travel trailer search.

When setting your budget for buying a travel trailer, remember the hidden costs of owning a travel trailer. If you are purchasing a used travel trailer that a recognized Edmonton RV dealer does not sell, set aside money for potential upgrades or repairs. Other budget items should include:

  • Winterization
  • Seasonal storage
  • Maintenance
  • Fuel costs

Best Brands for Lightweight Travel Trailers in 2024

When it comes to lightweight travel trailers, selecting a reputable brand can make all the difference in your camping experience. Check out some of the best brands to consider in 2024:

Forest River

Forest River is renowned for its diverse range of lightweight travel trailers, offering innovative designs and quality construction. With various floorplans to choose from, Forest River trailers cater to different preferences and lifestyles.


  • Diverse range of lightweight travel trailers catering to various preferences and lifestyles.
  • Innovative designs and quality construction ensure durability and reliability.
  • Various floorplans available, providing flexibility for different camping needs.


  • Despite innovative designs, some models may lack certain advanced features in competitors’ offerings.
  • Quality control issues were reported in some units, requiring thorough inspection before purchase.

Travel Lite

Travel Lite specializes in ultra-lightweight trailers without compromising on comfort or amenities. Their compact designs make them perfect for adventurers seeking versatility and ease of towing.


  • Specializes in ultra-lightweight trailers without compromising on comfort or amenities.
  • Compact designs make them perfect for adventurers seeking versatility and ease of towing.
  • Focus on lightweight construction may result in better fuel efficiency and an easier towing experience.


  • Limited range of floorplans and features compared to other brands.
  • May lack some luxury amenities found in heavier, larger trailers.


Jayco is a trusted name in the RV industry, known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Their lightweight travel trailers feature spacious layouts, advanced features, and durable construction, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.


  • Trusted name in the industry with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Spacious layouts and advanced features provide a comfortable camping experience.
  • Durable construction ensures longevity and reliability on the road.


  • Higher price point compared to some competitors.
  • Some models may be heavier than other lightweight options, affecting fuel efficiency and towing ease.


Pleasure-Way is synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship in the RV world. While their travel trailers may be lightweight, they don’t compromise on style or amenities, offering a premium camping experience for discerning travellers.


  • Synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship, offering a premium camping experience.
  • Lightweight trailers with upscale amenities cater to discerning travellers.
  • Attention to detail in design and construction ensures a comfortable and stylish camping experience.


  • Premium pricing compared to other brands, limiting accessibility to budget-conscious buyers.
  • Limited range of floorplans and customization options compared to larger manufacturers.


Crossroads specializes in lightweight travel trailers that are both functional and stylish. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure durability and reliability on the road.


  • Specializes in functional and stylish lightweight travel trailers.
  • Attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure durability and reliability.
  • Competitive pricing makes them accessible to a wide range of buyers.


  • Limited brand recognition compared to industry giants like Forest River and Jayco.
  • Some models may lack specific luxury amenities found in higher-priced competitors.

What is the best month to buy a travel trailer?

Trying as it may be, resist the temptation to buy during the peak season! We recommend holding off on purchasing a travel trailer in Alberta until the late fall (October – November) or the winter months (January – February). There is a higher likelihood of end-of-season sales to make room for new stock or when gas prices are high. Did you know you will see more competition during spring and summer because of the prime outdoor weather? 

To kick off the new year, RV trade shows are also the perfect time to connect with an RV dealership in Edmonton to learn more about the latest models and unlock exclusive financing deals. Keep an eye out for the next RV trade show near you each January and February!

How do I know if a camper will fit my truck?

Investing in a camper is exciting, but ensuring it fits your truck is crucial for safety and efficiency. Here are six easy steps to determine the compatibility:

1. Check Your Truck’s Weight

Start by determining the weight of your truck with a full fuel tank and the tailgate removed. This provides an accurate baseline for calculating payload capacity.

2. Calculate Available Payload

Refer to your truck’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and subtract the weight obtained in step 1. The resulting figure represents your truck’s available payload capacity.

3. Measure the Center of Gravity

Locate the furthest center of gravity point in your truck bed, starting from the front wall. This measurement helps ensure proper weight distribution and stability when the camper is loaded onto your truck.

4. Measure Exterior Dimensions

Take precise measurements of your truck’s exterior dimensions, including width, length, and height. This ensures the camper you choose will fit securely on your truck without overhanging or obstructing visibility.

5. Select a Compatible Camper

With your truck’s weight, available payload, center of gravity, and exterior dimensions in mind, choose a camper that matches these specifications. Ensure the camper’s weight, dimensions, and center of gravity align with your truck’s capabilities for a safe and seamless fit.

6. Consult Your RV Dealer

Your RV dealer is an invaluable resource in the selection process. Our experts at Grove RV will consider your truck’s specifications and provide recommendations tailored to your needs and preferences. Be sure to communicate your truck’s details and requirements to ensure you find the perfect camper-truck match.

Ready to embark on your next adventure with the perfect lightweight travel trailer? Visit Grove RV today to explore our wide selection of top-quality trailers from the best brands in the industry. Our experienced team is here to help you find the ideal trailer that fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Contact us now, and let’s make your camping dreams a reality!


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