DICOR EPDM Acrylic Rubber Roof Coating Cleaner/Activator Part 1

  • $45.95
  • RP-CRP-Q
  • Dicor’s EPDM Roof Cleaner/Activator cleans and prepares EPDM roofing for maximum adhesion of Dicor’s EPDM Roof Acrylic Coating. Simply spray on and rinse off thoroughly. Coverage rate is 125 sq. ft. per quart.

EPDM Roof Acrylic Coating Part 2 of EPDM Roof Coating System

  • $169.95
  • RP-CRC-1
  • Made specifically for your RV rubber roof, the conveniently packaged acrylic coating is ready to use, easy to apply and has a coverage rate of 1 gallon per 125 square feet. Two coats are required.

Rubber Roof Cleaner

  • $22.95 – $42.95
  • Formulated specifically for RV rubber roofing and vehicle exteriors, Dicor Rubber Roof Cleaner lifts dirt and grime yet is gentle on the surface.

Roof-Gard Rubber Roof Protectant

  • $23.95 – $42.95
  • Help prevent your RV roof from fading, oxidizing, drying and cracking from harsh UV rays, water or grime.


  • $17.45
  • Use to create a watertight seal along roof edges/vents and screwheads, compatible with EPDM rubber roofing
  • White, 501LSW-1